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Backflow Prevention Testing - Sydney Backflow Services

Have you recieved your notice from Sydney Water that your backflow prevention devices needs to be tested? 

Give us a call to book the most affordable, professional and relible backflow plumber in Sydney our backflow prevention services are of the highest quality and our guarrantee to you is that we will turn up test your device and submit the results to Sydney Water within 24hrs. Our backflow prevention testing services will make the testing procedure seamless and efficient.

Once we have tested your device your backflow valve will be added to our data base and will be booked in for next year on the same date.

What is backflow?

Backflow TestingBackflow is the flow of a liquid in a direction contrary to the normal or intended direction. The unintended flow of water from a potentially polluted source into a potable water supply or main.

To prevent backflow we need to install backflow prevention devices, the type of device will depend on what the hazard is. Below are the backflow prevention device types and the hazard ratings. Backflow prevention test 

Backflow prevention device types

Hazard rating - High
(Device - RPZ Reduced pressure zone device)

This device has two independent force loaded non-return valves that will close immediately if there is any backpressure, backflow or backsiphonage. A relief valve is positioned between the non-return valves and is arranged to be force-loaded to open to atmosphere and dump any contaminated water out of the system. It is fitted with three testing taps for annual testing and cerification

Hazard rating - High
(Device - Air gap or Break tank)

This device has an air break (physical gap) between the lowest water service pipe outlet and any upstream tank, fitting or container.

Hazard rating – Medium
(Device - Double check valve testable)

This device has two independent force loaded non-return valves that will close immediately if there is any backpressure or backflow. It is fitted with three test taps for annual testing and certification.

Backflow testing (RPZ Testing) is a very important safety measure. All of the above backflow prevention devices must be inspected and tested annually. 

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