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Backflow prevention standpipe testing

We can carry out your Sydney Water metered standpipes annual backflow prevention test.

this is a requirement for the ownership of a Sydney Water metered standpipe to have installed a Backflow prevention device on the outlet of the meter to protect the Sydney Water drinking main from contaminates. 

We can come to your site and test your standpipe on the spot. This reduces downtime for your standpipe. 

If you would like to book a Backflow test for your standpipe please give us a call on: 0437 586 222

Water Aid donations

As of now RM Plumbing will be donating $10 for every backflow prevention valve tested to Water Aid Australia 

visit www.everydayhero.com.au/rm-plumbing to see how my fundraiser is going 

Water Aid works in poverty stricken communities around the world to provide clean water and sanitation.

I was inspired to start this fundraiser because I would like to do my bit to work towards a global standard in clean water and sanitation for all.

Sydney Water backflow testing requirements

RM Plumbing can test your backflow prevention device in the Greater Sydney which is a legal requirement from Sydney Water Authority

If you do not test your device annually by a licenced backflow plumber to make sure it is working properly and the test certificate submitted to them within 2 day of test

Sydney Water will shut off your water supply until it is tested, so it is crucial you follow these requirments or you will be without water.

Incorrect installed valve - Taren Point

This Backflow Prevention device in Taren Point Sydney has been installed incorrect and does not comply with AS:3500 Australian standard, because the valve is installed with 70mm clearance above the surrounding surfaces but needs to be 300mm. (refer photo)   

                Incorrect Installation                                                                  Correct Installation

Taren Point Sydney Valve                      Cronulla Valve install correct

RM Plumbing & Backflow Prevention fixed this problem and consulted with Sydney Water to give our client an extention of time for the works to be completed.

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